The growth of foreign cotton varieties was reviewed

    The members of the working group of the Cotton Council under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent region and the representatives of the Center of Agricultural Services visited the Yangi Khayot farm in Bekobod district of Tashkent region and the farm "Azizmuhammad" in Boka district. Here the growing process of cotton varieties imported from the Republic of China was reviewed.  

At the Yangi Khayot farm, cotton of the Chjuntay А2 variety is planted using a two-row pneumatic method. This, first of all, reduces the consumption of water, prevents the growth of weeds, and also reduces the consumption of sowing seeds.  Agricultural agronomist Mr. Khian, a Chinese expert, said that as a result of planting in this double-row method, 25 kg of seed was used for per hectare, usually 30 kg seed for per hectare is used when planting a local variety in a traditional row method. According to the agronomist of the farm, although Chjuntay А2 was planted 10 days later than other seeds planted in the ground in Bekobod district, but it caught up to the growth of local varieties that germinated.This variety was planted as an experiment for the first time in our country, and its advantage is that it allows efficient use of land and high yield.

    If the experiment gives the expected result, next year it is planned to grow the Chjuntay А2 variety in other regions of the republic.

   XinLuZao 52 cotton variety brought from the Republic of China was also planted in the farm "Azizmuhammad" of Boka district. Here, the seed is sown in an open field. Agrotechnical measures and phenological observations are carried out at the expense of each contour. As a result, a methodological program for farms will be formed in the coming year.